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25th May 2006

10:13pm: thanks for the good times...
unfortunately my car...first car....my brown 89 olds cutlass supreme, will be hauled away to a scrap yard tomorrow. It spent 3 summers on the backroads getting me to and from work at the cottage, as well as serving as a taxi for myself and campus crusade for christ students around Hamilton since 2003. Over the years it has proudly served its purpose, but now its age is really beginning to show ...and my life is in danger every time I drive it....

Now I think im driving my brother's little pulsar...with a t-top...so thats kinda cool I guess....it just has no power, and not much room inside, so...it'll just be more fun cramming people in!! Out with the old, and in with...the old.

16th April 2006

1:29am: what a weekend...
This long weekend has been sooo good.

I'll describe what I did, just for the sake of updating... ...ha...

sooo Thursday...well, the weather was FANTASIC... I just lounged on my back porch in the sun, got a 'bit' organized for exams and all that....but mostly just soaked up some rays and had some time with God. I read a book that is about some short stories. It isn't really that amazing, but some of the bible verses it used really got me thinking and put me back in my place with God. Even just looking up to the sky gets me thinking about God and how big He is...

This weather really brings out the best in everyone I think. As soon as it feels like summer, birds singing, 'fresh' air, people are outside walking their dogs, working in their yards and driving with the windows down. ahh... summer...its coming...

...then started Good Friday off with going to church, which is definitely the only way I would have wanted to start off Easter. By the way, Good Friday is good because Jesus paid the price for my sins by dying on a cross. ...Then went out for lunch with some friends and family, came home and a bunch of us watched Narnia (which is as you symbolizes Christianity...especially 'Easter') ...so that movie was kinda fitting I guess. THEN after that headed down to Westdale and got together with Selina, Nick, Amanda, and later Aban. We went downtown to a Lebanese place for dinner. The Shawarma I got wasn't as good as it was in Tanzania. I was really surprised. But...I shouldn't have expected it to be the same here! ...then we headed back to Westdale and just hung out; listened to a John Piper sermon on the Crucifixion and Resurrection and had a good conversation about all kinds of things.

Tonight I went downtown (Hamilton) to Copps Coliseum to see the Hamilton Bulldogs play Toronto Marlies (AHL). My church always goes as a huge group for the big rivalry game. There were about 8000 people there, so it feels like a higher level hockey game. And the bulldogs are the farm team for the Canadiens, and the Marlies for the Leafs, so its quality hockey. It was definitely a great night. First of all, Hamilton won 6-5. Then one of the best 'additional events' was that during the 2nd intermission, this guy without a shirt on came running out onto the ice as they were cleaning it. He literally slid on his stomach from one end of the ice to the other ...the whole way....haha.. Then 3 security guards tried to get him, but they were trying not to fall on the freshly 'zambonied' ice. Then they finally got a hold of him, but he somehow got away. So another security guard came running out onto the ice and TOALLY wiped out...hahaha funniest thing ever. Then the topless guy pretended to hide in the goalie's net.....hahahaha...ah...sooo funny. Then he got taken away and people cheered him on.

At the game they shot out these free t-shirts with a big launcher from the second deck during the intermissions as well...so obviously everyone tries to catch them... Of course, one comes RIGHT towards me and I don't catch it. Instead it SOMEHOW hits me in the leg and bouces into the arms of the kid in front of me. I would have given it to him anyways (I don't want a t-shirt that just has an ad for Bell on it), but still...I should have caught it. ah well...

so anyways......being at an actual hockey game is great...We did 'the wave' which went around about 10 times once it got going well...then theres the smell of popcorn, line-ups, chaos outside, singing "the good old hockey game" and...everything else that makes a game a game. I should go more often. The admission price is about 5% of what a Leafs game would cost...soo...next season.

Anyways, its super late......gotta get up early.

"yay for updates" haha...

30th March 2006

11:22pm: for fun...
Since Vanessa reads everbody's blogs often, including this one....I decided to post this for a little humour break...haha...

well...it was funny to our group at the time....just read it.

It was posted at Hall 4 at UDSM

Image hosting by Photobucket

19th March 2006

7:32pm: st patrick's day
ok on friday my msn name was "someone tell me what st patricks day is actually about....without using google....etc"

I didn't think people would actually respond...but here were the responses...some are right and some are...not-so-right....haha...


"it's about this guy named patrick who explained the trinity using the three leaf clover"


"a little leprochan named patrick trying really hard to get to the other side of the rainbow where the marshmellows are"


"St Patrick's day is about getting drunk on green beer... simple as that"

Erin(my sister):

"it's about a war, a battle, irish conquor english or something like that OR It's about drinking green beer


"it's about a dude named patrick that tried to get rid of all the heresy and false teaching in Ireland...to make it simple"


"it is a celebration... to celebrate those irish roots.. because you know everyone is Irish on st patricks day.... actually I do have some irish in me... on that note.. i should be out celebrating right now.. haha I am kidding"

ah...thanks for not using google.

13th March 2006

10:47pm: yet it happened again
While getting my hair cut:

Lady: so...how's school going?

Me: uh, good...(thinking, I wonder what school she's thinking of)

Lady: so, is your march break coming up?

Me: (crap) Nooo... I'm not in highschool.

Lady: So, you don't have march break?

Me: No, I just had reading week. I am in UNIVERSITY

Lady: Oh...

Me: How old do you think I am?

Lady: a teenager I guess

Me: ya, no. I'll be 22 in a few months.

Lady: Oh....uh...you look so young though

Me: ya...I get that A LOT.

21st February 2006

8:29pm: winter at the cottage....winter not at home
OK so...

I started off reading week GREAT by going up to my cottage....ahh....there was soooo much snow up there! ...we have at the most 1 cm in some places here in Waterdown....but up there (near Sundridge) there was AT LEAST 3 feet in most places...too good!

It was so good to just get away to somewhere where it felt like winter, get some exercise and enjoy the cold, fresh air!

One night, me and my two cousins who came up with us layed out in the snow at like -10 degrees and watched the stars....ah...so awesome! God of Wonders eh!
Its so sad that some people have never actually seen the stars like that before!

Ok heres the pics...

The snow out the side door...

Image hosting by Photobucket

View of the frozen lake out the kitchen window...

Image hosting by Photobucket

shoveling sooo much snow off the roof...

Image hosting by Photobucket

we could walk right up onto the roof...then slide/jump off...good times

Image hosting by Photobucket

chillin on a snowbank....

Image hosting by Photobucket

little church at the end of our road....only open in the summer...obviously

Image hosting by Photobucket

snowshoeing in the forest....RIGHT before I fell into the creek...ah.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thats about it....I hope we get snow like that here!!

12th February 2006

11:35pm: just a little update
Today when of course I was watching the Olympics on CBC, they did a little preview/background info segment on speedskater Cindy Klassen (who won bronze today) ...and it was so cool, she said that although it may seem speedskating is a huge deal in her life, her faith comes first no matter what. That was so refreshing to hear on tv.

And Shane Doan, who is on the Canadian men's hockey team....well, he's a Christian too...very cool...I didn't know that until a few days ago.

Its great to see popular Christian athletes setting good examples for all of the people watching them by not hiding their faith.

11th February 2006

9:33pm: I don't know what I'm going to write...we'll see what happens
1. NHL. The Leafs = garbage. I'm so ashamed to be a fan right now...

2. Food. What makes food such a big part of our culture. Why do all social events HAVE to have food? And what about 'going out for lunch'. Or a fancy romantic dinner, food. Superbowl party = food. In elementary school we had designated times just for eating, and lunchboxes, just for food. And theres so many restaurants and grocery stores...just for food. I'm not saying I don't enjoy food, because its kindof essential...

Okay that was getting out of hand...the word 'food' is starting to sound strange

3. I'm wearing a hoodie...and haven't used it (see former posts)...but now that I'm thinking about it...Is a shirt considered dirty if it has been worn OVER TOP of another shirt?...because to me, its still fresh and clean (unless I spilled something on it...haha) How many more days (not necessarily consecutively) could I wear it before it should be considered dirty? a few maybe? haha... I have a feeling I know what the answers will be...girls will be disgusted (even though they secretly agree with me) and the guys will be proud to agree. right?

4. Olympics. I'm definitely a fan of the Olympics.

The Canadian women's hockey team beat Italy 16-0...an Olympic record. Its not something to be super proud of really, as if it was an accomplishment. Since Italy is hosting the games, they get to have a team...but they were all about 15 years old and small...they got killed by the Canadians. I hope they win the gold, and I hope people watch their games... Although the games aren't as fast or deeply talented as the men's, they're still good to watch.

I watched the girl (Jen something) win Canadas first gold so far in the downhill moguls...too bad they announced that she was from the USA when she was on the podium...morons...they finally corrected themselves...but still...

and I am definitely looking forward to the Hockey and short track speedskating ...and mostly everything else too...mostly.

Vancouver-Whistler 2010. I definitely want to go if I can!

5. moving on...

Okay. So lately things have been super busy with me. They've been really good though for the most part. I finally feel like I'm getting back on track with everything. I have 4 midterms next week...I thought I had 5, but apparently there isn't a midterm in one of my classes...shows how aware I am of my exam schedule. I thought the courses that I have this semester would be super hard and/or boring, but surprisingly I actually like them quite a bit. 2 of the profs are really good, and make the classes SO much better. On the other hand, one of my profs drives me nuts because he says "UM"/"UH" so much. One time I counted for the first 8 minutes of class, and he said variations of um 85 times! EIGHTY-FIVE!!! no joke. Soooo thats the class I don't mind 'missing' once and a while because I can't stand it.

Oh and last night I 'lost' my bible! After the CCC weekly meeting I went to get it where I last had it, and it was gone! Someone stole it?! I looked everywhere in the lecture hall and in my backpack of course, and it disappeared. I don't think my name was even in it...ah...my newish NLT bible is gone...I hope someone reads it. ...back to NIV.

hmmm...what else to say...

Last weekend I went to my nana and papa's house for his b-day with family and cousins...it was definitely good times...but what I want to say is...my great grandmother came...and she's like 93! (my papa is the oldest of 8 kids) I wonder what it would be like to live that long! And she still walks fine, has good hearing, good sight, and GREAT memory. She remembered me and my cousins' names and stuff we've done, even though she has about 35 other great-grandchildren (and a couple great great) Impressive!!!

ok...I don't have any intriguing stories like Warren does right now...and I've typed quite a lot for now...anyone that actually read it without drifting at times deserves a prize.

...please come back, I promise, next time it will be better.

2nd February 2006

9:52pm: some recent headlines
'Tanzania starts nationwide power rationing'

'Tanzania distributes relief food to drought-hit areas'

'Over 600,000 People Face Acute Food Shortage In Tanzania'

'UN warns E . Africa on bird flu'

'Africa, Overwhelmed by AIDS, May Struggle to Control Bird Flu'

....we're so spoiled...

30th January 2006

10:26pm: nothing
well...even though I haven't updated in a really long time, I still don't have really anything that important to say...

Throughout the day I usually try to think of potential things to write in my livejournal, and last week in night class something bothered me and I was reminded of it again tonight in the same class.

Ok so...more than half of the students in my class were wearing hoodies or shirts with hoods... BUT no one in the class was actually using it. Then I got thinking.... hardly anyone uses their hoods, including me! Why are they so popular and why do people buy them if they aren't going to use them? ...especially the ones that are thin and made with just t-shirt-thick material... Hoods are more like upper-back warmers... hahaha

so random....I know.

Today was a good monday...things seemed to work out well in general...now just gotta get through the next four days of the week...can't be too hard, can it?

Ok well hopefully I'll post something later with substance...

14th January 2006

11:10pm: its been a while...
Well...I still intend to post about my Christmas break/Winter Conference and stuff like that...but right now theres just so much goin through my mind...its hard to do a re-cap when its late too...

I've started to read Shadow of the Almighty...so far, sooo good. There was one part at the beginning where Jim Elliot and his two buddies were out in some field and they shot and killed a duck...then some lady came running out yelling that her pet duck got shot...then the guys ran away...haha, I actually laughed out loud when I was reading that at school...I'm really only into the third chapter, but just reading the book is encouraging, and so challenging. I am being SO challenged by God right now. I've told God to use me, and made myself available, but now that I can hear Him calling, its hard to actually take the steps that I'm called to make.

Its kind-of really overwhelming when I think of all the things that God is lining up for me...well, not for me, but for His glory...hmmm thats why it feels overwhelming. Ok, so I was wrong, this post will have to do with what I learned at Winter Conference. God's will is not focused on loving us and providing everything we need, but he is focused on His glory. He is more concerned with fulfilling the Great Commission than we are. Those two phrases/cliches are therefore super relevant...

And also recently I've felt very ....whats the word... incapable... like I am not able to do things or people are way better than I am, so I should step aside and let people do a better job before I ruin things... but then 2 Corinthians 12:9 sticks out in my head. bah! I am incapable! Of course this also relates to God getting the glory and it not being about me! But honestly, its not that easy to just jump ahead...

...so humbled right now...

there...I'll say more later...but I figured I should post so people know I still exist.

23rd December 2005

8:23pm: Isaiah 9:6
Last Sunday my pastor spoke about this verse...and it really provided more depth and meaning than I had originally thought about...(my explanation is super long...read it if you have time...it really put the verse into perspective for me)

Isaiah 9:6

For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

While being a prophesy about Jesus' coming, theres SO much meaning in it, just by the names that He is called:

Wonderful Counselor -

...meaning Jesus would be a counselor for us! In biblical times, counselors were very highly respected for advising and they were consulted for the big decisions (Proverbs 13:10)...but Jesus wouldn't just be an ordinary counselor, he would be a wonderful counselor. Too often these days the word 'wonderful' is used to describe something that is just 'nice' ...but the word literally means FULL of WONDER, in which we stand in awe of. ...now thats more than just 'nice'! Cleary he was sent to advise us all on something very very important!

Mighty God -

....Jesus is already called God like 700 years before he is born - God in the flesh! So what are these claims about Jesus not being God eh....

....(Colossians 1:15-16)....

Everlasting Father -

...its not meaning that the Son is the Father (though the Son is God)...but in Hebrew, this name can be better translated as "the father of eternity" In the bible satan is called the father of lies (John 8:44), as in all lies originate in him. Jesus is called the father of eternity because he is the source of eternity! He'll give us eternal life!

...Additionally, it is impossible to offer what we do not already have/own to someone else. My pastor used the example of it being ridiculous for him to tell a man in the congregation that he gave him the gift of the CN tower and to tell everyone that he was given it. But obviously people would think he is crazy if he demanded that he owned the CN tower because his pastor had given it to him! THEREFORE, Jesus had to have eternal life in order for him to give it away, meaning he had always existed and had eternal life: he had to be God!

Prince of Peace -

...Its interesting because a son of a king is called a prince... Jesus = God's son.

....A prince was also very highly respected and seen as someone who was victorious in war and would fight in the battles. He obviuosly also had A LOT of authority. ...but Jesus came to bring peace to the world - he would be able to end battles and wars by winning once and for all, not just keep fighting over and over. (Ephesians 2:14)

I know its very trivial to pick apart each name, but wow, the meaning behind each of them is so significant. God sure chose those descriptions for a reason!
5:12pm: Family Christian bookstore visit, part 2.
ok so last time I went to the Christian Bookstore in Burlington I talked about all the christmas-related stuff and the funny 'testamints', etc...but, now theres more...its funny how I see things that make me laugh...ah...

I don't shop often...so I guess when I see something 'different', its a big deal... haha...

ok so first...two guys walked in dressed really uh...band-ish...I thought maybe they really liked style or they were in a band...then I overheard, they were from the band 'Fear of God' ....I think I've heard of them before... but ya...its just wierd how if you're in a band, you dress differently and have crazy hair... If I did that and wasn't in a band, then...that wouldn't be allowed....haha......ok...

next... I went downstairs where the 'on-sale' books are sold....and there were two that were funny...haha..."The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling" ....haha...how Christian is that...no offence to those homeschooled...its just funny..."the ULTIMATE guide"

...and the other book there ..."Raising Children in a Violent World" ...and on the cover was a gun and a video game controller... haha... Its not really strictly a christian book..but...still was a bit funny... now I'm not saying that video games DON'T lead to violence or anything like that...cause I really don't know..but..still....I laughed..

There is SOOO much Christian-related literature for sale, its crazy! ...I wonder how many people read Christian books more than they do the bible...

hmmm I write "...." a lot as well as "haha"

Winter Conference in 4 days! oh...and Merry Christmas!

9th December 2005

9:54pm: do I have nice lookin feet?
ok...so uh...I can only fight the inevitable for so long....frig...why do I have to make this so difficult.


8th December 2005

11:44pm: OK so I had this dream last night....and I thought I'd post about it...

Its random and kinda disturbing...but ...its just wierd....

It starts off with me in England (I don't know why it was England, it just was) ...so im driving in the country going up this insanely steep hill, and I get to the top....stop before I start going down and then look for a camera and take a picture from the top...then I fly down the super steep hill...scarey...then I get to the bottom....and enter this building...like a hotel maybe...not sure

then I talk to this guy who is also from Ontario...and then we go outside....and theres all these African people....dressed up like I remember in Tanzania....I ask them if they speak Swahili...and they don't....but they know a song that I knew...and I started singing it, and they sang along a bit...then they all ran off because their plane was leaving...

so then like 2 secs later they all leave on this wierd-looking plane...and theres hundreds of birds on the plane (which is dangerous)....and so we're obviously worried....then the plane lifts off and starts to nosedive and it makes a loud noise, and all the birds fly off....and the plane lifts up again..and disappears behind a building...but then suddenly the building is bombed and explodes and catches on fire....same with another appt building behind me....and people are jumping off the buildings, etc......and I keep watching it burn and crumble.....

then I woke up......and was like what the?!

Spiritual Warfare perhaps?! or just random and strange?

30th November 2005

11:12pm: zzzzzebra
Ok so when I was "doing my essay" last night I took a break to draw. I haven't in a long time...so I took an hour and a half break and this is what I ended up with... I'm proud of it...(cept the one ear is a little awkward...and don't say that its missing a leg..haha...thats how it looked in the picture)

....brings back memories of Mkumi eh

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

28th November 2005

11:00pm: ...well...
I'm totally procrastinating right now...its too late right now for me to think right...and I could really use the sleep...

In night class today someone passed around this note that the whole class was to turn on their cell phones and make it ring all at the same time - at 8:00 - just to annoy the prof. Ok I'll admit, he is a moron and I totally do not respect him, but its a waste of class time to make more noise...when the sheet got to me I just left it

anyways...the prof (dr woo) says the dumbest things sometimes....a couple weeks ago he said "God made a mistake when he made different races" ...he meant like...we're different and we quarrel about that...so... but still what a stupid thing to say in front of a class of 600 very multicultual students (I know he's Chinese himself, but...man...I was shocked when he said that)

Also...if he hears one person talking or a cell phone goes off, he stops lecturing...he won't say a thing. People are always talking and he doesn't hear them all the time, but its annoying that he has to stop every time and waste time - makes us stay later! The chances of having all 600 students quiet at once is very, very unlikely...(don't get me wrong, I HATE when people talk during class)

and he called the whole class idiots because apparently we don't know where the USA is...he thinks he's funny...

And he clearly says how much he doesn't care about the class...he just comes to lecture...thats it...

I could go on and on...and if anyone is still reading now...you must have lots of extra time...but...now you know a little bit about my monday nightclass prof.

So...back to the story...the cell phone prank totally didn't work. Out of the whole class, only 2 people did it, and it had no impact at all...I laughed cause it was such a dumb idea in the first place...haha

okay thats all...just had to post that...(actually, I didn't HAVE TO)

...back to my essay...

24th November 2005

12:34am: had to put this...
Mel: What am I going to do for a year without snow?

Dave: Climb Kili

23rd November 2005

11:02pm: indescribable.....
"A million tongues poised to sing could still not convey the worth that your name deserves" - Starfield (Over My Head)

That is especially what I "got out of" Passion Toronto last night. (Starfiend wasn't there...I just love that line in the song) I am realizing more and more how its not about us, but its all about God! Even though there were about 5000 students singing to and worshipping God, its still not even a visible fraction of how much glory God is entitled to! Sure, it sounded incredible and it was encouraging to hear so many people's voices, but...ah, its not enough. God was glorified and honoured, but...even a million or billion people wouldn't give God enough glory! I didn't walk away from the concert with the usual spiritual high, but I left being satisfied knowing that God's name was lifted high and He was glorified. Christians (myself included) too often think that its about what WE get out of worship and how we feel after...but, we shouldn't seek for the warm fuzzy feelings! - We should ONLY be seeking so see God praised for who He is!

This idea is just resonating in my mind...of how great our God is, and how insignificant we are in comparison. - The fact that he loves us and wants to know us each individually and personally is amazing.

It is comforting to know that its all about God and not about me. That sure relieves a lot of pressure! - now I just have to consistently remind myself of God's priority - pride will only create a barrier.

ok...now I'm just rambling, but once again, it just proof that its impossible to describe God fully, especially with words....

It was great to be able to meet up with so many Tanzania Cru - it was SO good to see all of you....see most of you at Winter Conference!

Now...last night other things were going on...like the idea of Stint... For the past while I've really felt a lack of enthusiasm about anything, including stint. I don't know why, but it's definitely some spiritual warfare going on. The past two weeks have been really hard for some reason... But last night, we talked about Tanzania stuff, and during the presentation a picture of earth was shown with Africa showing...(thats when Mel nudged me)...haha and then I think it was John Piper who was speaking in the video and he was preachin it about how we need to go to the nations...hmmm...got me thinkin again...

It just seems like theres so much going on right now and its going by so fast, (I've said this before) but at the same time, I'm in slow motion...

I really need to give up everything to God and totally depend on the Holy Spirit. Perhaps thats why I've been in more of a difficult situation lately...God's humbling me, challenging me, convicting me, and all kinds of other character-building aspects. God works everything out for good in the end....so...perseverence is key.

On Christ the SOLID ROCK I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.

20th November 2005

7:19pm: The Day After Yesterday
ahhhhh (as in a sigh, not a scream) ...what a relaxing weekend. I've done absolutely nothing and I'm proud of it. I manage to do this every weekend while everyone struggles to keep on top of their homework. I hope I'm on top of mine...

Actually, wait!....(yes, wait) ..........ok

I'm wrong, I did something productive today - I cleaned my room.


While sorting through all kinds of stuff I found a bunch of Tanzania things that I didn't know I had! (or forgot) for example...bus tickets, sunrise beach resort brochure, some pictures, cards from mbeya (yes, cards...with lots of flower pictures on them) debrief papers, some posters we made for The Passion showing...etc etc... It's always super cool to find 'memories'....

I should also mention that I found my student card too! ...I haven't had it for well over a month...therefore I've been walking (or driving my car) a lot because I couldn't take the bus free (tuition covers HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) and you get a little sticker for on your student card) Plus I need it for writing exams....sick...which will be in a few weeks.

okay...I think thats about it. I felt the urge to post in here because I haven't in a while. I guess this solidifies me as a LJ user...the excitement has worn off and I no longer post every day.

And this really wasn't worth posting today...nothing special happened...but...oh well, I like writing as if I'm talking...and hopefully you still enjoyed the read.


9th November 2005

8:46pm: so lame...
I was just at the Family Christian bookstore...and...a few things really bugged me that I have to write about.

1. They are playing Christmas music! ahhhhh!

2. There are Christmas decorations eveywhere

3. Half of the things for sale in the store are related to Christmas

4. They sell these candies...like altoids in little rolls called "Testamints" and "Scripturemints" ...PATHETIC...that one actually made me laugh out loud in the store.

5. Theres so much bad 'christian music' out there (I know theres lots of good too...but...oh man)

6. Those WWJD bracelets...those are totally fine....but then theres like FROG, PUSH...I have one with just fish on it...but...whats next...LAMP - love and make peace, GLUE - God Loves Us Eternally...haha..just some random four letter words. and the PUSH one...pray until something happens...ok...fair enough.....but...stop praying when something happens? I'm gonna keep prayin!


6th November 2005

10:17pm: thinking again...
Ok so...lately I've just come to realize really how important it is to have an 'eternal perspective' in life. The other day I was just thinking how short life is. I know people always say "life is short", "live life to the fullest", etc etc all those cliches, BUT they're so true - especially when looking at it in relation to God. I'm already 21 (don't feel or look it, haha) and thats less than 1/4 of the average lifespan! in another one of my lifetimes I'll be 42....its crazy! I am only here on earth for this short amount of time to serve God and share the gospel with people who don't know Him. - and I don't serve God this way as if I am a slave, forced to and threatened with a whip - but instead because the joy I have found in Jesus Christ is too amazing to keep secret!

Then I also got thinking...about how annoying this world is to live in. There are so many distractions and so many wrong paths to choose from. (There are just so many things to take away from worshipping God...he deserves all the glory all the time, but I don't always give it to Him. Its going to be sooo much better in Heaven - where God will get the glory 24/7!) Although the right path is really really obvious, the others for some reason look pretty tempting...however they become less and less tempting the more I know God. I can honestly say that my relationship with God is improving, especially in the past 5-6 months - and its not just based on spiritual highs or emotions - theres so much more to it.

so ya... lately I've been blown away by God's amazingness...

Clearly I can't even explain...

31st October 2005

10:53pm: the post you've all been waiting for....

- pre-debrief...the night we all got back to Msimbazi...sharing stories and meeting up with everyone after 2 weeks....then packing up and heading out

- the live band...haha.. "...but you can't escape my love..." soo lame...
- dancing in the dining hut and on the beach..the sprinkler
- to go snorkeling - slow boat vs speed boat
- slow boat motor quit twice...
- they were going to take us in the boat that they had JUST repaired...the glue was still wet
- the snorkeling shop place had a HUGE picture of a shark on the wall...great...
- the swarm of ants in selina's flipper
- it rained SO much as soon as we landed on that island...but...we were swimming so
- seeing 'finding nemo' fish...and the coral reef
- beach volleyball
- the beach...sand...
- getting up early for sunrise
- the food...wow
- late-night deep talks... including "whats the most beautiful thing that you saw"
- the pool...all the people watched us swimming from the balcony...creepy
- team skits/presentations
- debrief sessions/worship...corey's story about his 'accident'..haha..won't forget
- digging hole to bury the bottle then sing/pray
- listening to waves
- shell-collecting
- the toilets never really quite flushed...
- Tom staring at us during session...making our row laugh...haha...
- "not to us" "I lift you high, and, bow down low"
- I went to bed 'early' (at earliest 3 am), fell into a deep sleep, and didn't wake up...Travis was locked out of the room...haha, sorry about that!
- I never went to the waterpark...but...I'll put that in there for everyone else...I would rather not make myself bleed from a sketchy slide...
- the tides...and those crazy crabs...
- quick run to mwenge
- the hotel staff had cake, wings, and coffee, etc ready with that little cart. They were offended when they thought we didn't want any (because we were still in session I think...) ...Tanzanians are way too nice.
- air conditioning in the rooms
- 15 second testimony....HA!
- the final dinner
- the reality of project actually ending...
- getting up early to leave...(2 were a little late getting up!)
- plane taking off...goodbye africa! (knowing I'd be back eventually)

I still feel a little bit guilty about how much awesome stuff we got to do at Debrief. We were soo spoiled. The place was too nice...and....I dunno...it was a blast, but still...

- bowling in London...stay at Ibis
- singing Oh Canada and God Save the Queen on the Bus to Heathrow
- going to that pub....mmmm I got fish and chips

- landing in Toronto...half my luggage lost...grr (I got it a couple days later)
- saying bye to everyone
- seeing family...going home.
3:37pm: .... cleary I had lots of spare time today, ....so like everyone else on livejournal...I did this personality test thing...

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Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||| 56%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||| 64%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 56%
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30th October 2005

11:38pm: ......?
Even though I should be getting some sleep, I figured I should update my LJ...but with what? I don't have that much going on really that I can write about stuff...In the past few weeks I've been in total thought mode...or...I don't know where..its just feels different. I feel disconnected or something... also as if everything is rushing by so fast and I'm going really slow. ya, thats what it looks like from my perspective. hard to explain. Also, I think God is really trying to humble me. Maybe those two ideas are tied together...God just wants me to look at everything...but to be honest, I haven't been very attentive...at all. I'd say I'm just kinda coasting through right now, and I'm not satisfied with that - but the thing is, I don't know why I'm at this point...kinda confusing and I don't even understand, therefore I can't explain - also the fact that whenever I do explain myself, I tend to be anything but specific...that makes it even worse I guess...such a general feeling of...I don't know... ...whats goin on...hmmm..
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